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Christmas Pic

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Big Race and Cannon's 1st Day of Preschool

Cannon got to run in a little kid's fun run before Coach's cross country meet in New Braunfels...of course, Coach had to run with him and hold his hand :) Cannon did a great job. He told his preschool teacher the day before that he was tired of playing on the play ground because he wanted to save his energy for his race and that he needed to stay hydrated...ha!...what a nut! I wonder where he learned that from???... Just like his mommy :)

Cannon's first day of preschool went well! He loves his new teacher Mrs. Sheryl and we are so excited his friend Davis is in his class. We only had a couple of tears, but he adjusted well and ended up having a really good day. He told one of the teachers, "my mommy was right, this isn't so bad after all"...sweet boy, I just love him and miss him when he is at school. Hartlee goes to "school" at Grammy's house and she is very proud of her lunch box that she gets to take with her :)

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