Christmas Pic

Christmas Pic

Tin Roof

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rodeo and Third Day

Thanks to my sweet friend Kristi, I got to go to the Rodeo this past week and see Third Day in concert! It was fabulous! And the fellowship with my amazing friends was priceless. Our seats were amazing...but of course a little crazy when the horses spray dirt all over you when they run past :) I really had so much fun and totally enjoyed worshipping with Third Day!

Mac Powell from Third Day

Worshipping the Lord!!

Leon rodeo clown ever!

Me, Courtney, Krista, and Kristi

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orange Cup and Tumbleweeds

My alltime favorite new place to be at is Orange Cup!!! They have all natural frozen yogurt with probiotics and you can add all kids of yummy fresh fruit, nuts, fun cereal, you name's absolutely delicious!! My kids love it too! I took Cannon and Hartlee yesterday (in the freezing cold weather) because I've realized if I stay out of the house I don't feel as nauseated! :) Cannon got his yogurt with Captain Crunch cereal and I got raspberries and yummy. And yes, Hartlee has red boot on...she loves them :)

We also found this really fun place for the kids to play, thanks to my sister Michelle...Tumbleweeds!! It's all a western/cowboy theme with so much fun stuff for the kids. And the best only costs $5!! My friend Jill and I took our kiddos for a couple of hours and the totally enjoyed their time together...and I totally enjoyed my time with Jill :)

Hartlee on the zipline

Cannon and Samuel ready to take on the town!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st Piggy Tails

Isn't she so sweet??! I figured out yesterday that I can put her hair in piggy tails and I am just in love with it! She looks so precious! What a gift she is.
We spent the weekend at Leakey for the Still Water W.O.W. (Weekend of Warriors) camp and absolutely loved it...I can't believe I didn't take one single picture :( Probably because I was freezing most of the time! Cannon had a blast playing with all of the guys and of course Hartlee totally loved being held and loved on by everyone. Shane and I got to speak about our relationship to about 130 middle school age students. I have never spoken with Shane and was totally unsure how it was going to play out, but I really felt like the Lord used our relationship to speak to these students...we really enjoyed it! And again, I was brought to a place of awe in what a tender, compassionate spirit that my husband has...he is truly amazing. I think I enjoyed more sitting back and hearing him speak. It was a very fun weekend!