Christmas Pic

Christmas Pic

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Oh my! October has flown by! Probably due to many sleepless nights and foggy days...sometimes I feel like a walking zombie :) I've figured out that it takes me about 30 minutes just to get out of the house!...Three kids will definitely slow you down a little, but we are loving it. We are also LOVING the beautiful weather! So thankful for the cooler temps! Looking forward to the holidays...just love this time of the year!

The kiddos at the Pumpkin Patch here in Boerne...funny how the pumkins only lasted about a day because the kids were playing "catch" with them :)

Sutherlin is just so precious! Don't you love it how a baby smells after they have had a bath and a whole bottle of lotion rubbed on them! :)

Hartlee copies everything her "bubba" does...

Sweet sibling love :)

All dressed up for church! Thanks to Sutherlin's auties for all the great hand-me-downs!

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